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HICKEY (Comedy, 2017) - Movie TRAILER By: Indie & Foreign FilmsPublished: 5 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Brilliant but insecure, young Ryan has 24 hours to save the store he hates in order to win the heart of the girl he loves.
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Set in the not-so-glamorous world of Cy’s Auto Sound & Stereo, a grungy, low-end car stereo chain in Venice, California, HICKEY is a day in the life of math whiz and recent high school graduate Ryan Chess (Doherty) who has spent the entire summer dithering over his choice of colleges. On the one hand, he has a full ride to his dream school, MIT but he’s also hopelessly in love with co-worker Carly (Watson), whom he has never asked out. Staying home and attending UCLA would mean he gets to stay close to Carly, but if they’re not even a couple, is it worth it?

HICKEY (Comedy, 2017) - TRAILER
A Movie directed by Alex Grossman
Cast : Troy Doherty, Flavia Watson, Raychel Diane Weiner, Zedrick Restauro, “Tiny” Lister
Release Date : January 6, 2017
Genre : Comedy, Romance

HICKEY (Comedy, 2017) - TRAILER
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