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SPIDERMAN Superheroes: Batman vs Superman Movies Superhero Dinosaur By: Gertit's AdventuresPublished: 9 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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SPIDERMAN Superheroes: Batman vs Superman Movies Superhero Dinosaur

Spiderman Superhero is a dream of all childrends.
Gertit is fighting against Zombies and Dinosaurs.

He is dressed with Spiderman Costume and he has as strong weapon Batman bats. He disturbs first Zombies with Bats and then he is doing a strong Battle against Dinosaurs and Zombies.

Batman is part of Superheroes group and also Spiderman is Superhero.

They are very good friends, Batman help Spiderman to fight Zombie. Spiderman with fight, burns all Zombie and Dinosaurs.

As in Superheroes movies, also with special effects, Gertit fights the bad characters, known well as Zombies.

Dinosaurs are also very loved animal (Dinosaurs doesn't exist in our age), described by cartoons and movies.

The Batlle is done is an old Castle, where Spiderman(Gertit) fly over the Movie and comes behinds Zombie, then he calls his friend Batman with Bats and then they strikes first Zombie.

Spiderman after will burn all Zombies, and in another part of Superhero movie, he will do another Battle with Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs will defeated first from bats of Batman, then Spiderman wil burn also Dinosaurs.

I do have second part of this Movie with Superheroes.
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